Participant Requirements

The authors must register before February 1, 2020. If the work has 2 or 3 authors, only the first author must register. During the registration, a link will be sent to the author’s e-mail address, which should be used to upload before February 1, 2020 a ZIP archive, containing the following files:
– work (in English);
– information about authors (signed and scanned).


Participant requirements:

– Participants must be enrolled in a bachelor or master course when the second stage of the competition is finished;

– There can be no more than three authors and two supervisors per work;

– The members of the organizing committee and the members of the jury cannot be the scientific supervisors for the works submitted for the competition;

Participation in the competition is free of charge.


Work requirements:

– Works must be submitted in English;

The size of the work is up to 20 pages;


– 1st page: title page which must have only the title, summary (up to 1500 characters) and keywords (up to 10 words);

– 2nd to 21th pages: I. Introduction, II. Literature overview, III. Object, subject and methods of study, IV. Results, V. Conclusions, VI. References (references in the text should be in the form of numbers in square brackets);

– The text should be typed in Times New Roman font with the 1.5 line spacing, the font size is 14, the page size is A4 format, and the margin sizes are 30 mm (left), 10 mm (right), 20 mm (top and bottom).


Information about the authors:

– Information about the authors and the scientific advisor (template) should be signed, scanned, and sent as a separate document.


If the work does not meet the requirements of this section, the author is given five days for further editing. If the work does not meet the requirements after editing, it is not accepted and is not allowed to participate in the competition.


The winners of Stage I of the competition receive invitations to participate in Stage II of the competition (no later than two weeks prior to the web-seminar). In Stage II of the competition, the winners present their work, comment on the presentation, and answer the questions.


Presentation requirements:

– Presentation must be made in PowerPoint;

– The size of the presentation is up to 20 slides;

– Illustrative material from the work (drawings, diagrams, photographs, graphic images) is presented in the presentation.